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Fresh Ideas for Your Commercial Roof Replacement Project

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The integration of nature in the architecture of cities is the latest trend among builders and architects who are trying to reduce the level of pollution and improve the quality of life with the help of green roofs. The specialists (engineers and skilled workers) manage to combine the special aesthetic aspect with the functionality of the green roofs, regardless of the complexity of the projects. Finding a respected Dallas commercial roofing company to assist with these objectives is a key partnership as well.

Today, the idea of ​​having a green commercial roof is much easier to implement than in previous years, considering that the roofing materials have been much improved. The green terrace is an alternative to the gray and dull roofs that predominate in every city, an alternative that brings health and aesthetic benefits, while also being a fresh idea for your commercial roof replacement project.

What is the green roof and what is its role?

Flat commercial roofs covered by vegetation can be customized depending on the climatic factors, the size of the available space, but also the preferences of the building owners. The protective system consists of several components, each of them having a well-defined role: the waterproofing membrane, special materials that prevent plant roots from passing into the waterproofing layer, drainage and irrigation systems etc.

Green roofs – Technology used

The waterproofing system is based on the installation of an EPDM membrane to protect the structural elements of the building, followed by another layer consisting in a geotextile foil, designed to protect the waterproofing. In the next phase, a modular alveolar layer of PVC is installed – for lightweight roofs (planted only with grass), which will be covered with gravel, for the fast drainage of rainwater and its safe and quick evacuation through the drainage pipe. A special filter film is added over all these layers.

The next step consists in adding the vegetate layer – a special soil in which vegetation will be planted.

Finally, resistant grass, plants and ornamental shrubs can be planted in the soil.

Green roofs – Additional information

A green roof is very safe and will not affect the structure of the buildings. It will actually protect it and provide many other benefits:

  • Water cannot infiltrate due to the waterproofing with EPDM membrane and the soil that safely retains it
  • The plants use some of the rainwater, the rest being drained faster
  • Installing a green roof does not automatically mean overloading the building`s structure; not all green roofs are heavy and besides, the roofing specialists will always inspect the structure before installing a roof, so you will know if reinforcing works are in order. At the base of the realization of any green roof there is a technical report of a construction engineer regarding the resistance capacity of the building.
  • The special soil in which the planting is done is a light vegetal substrate that does not put pressure on the structural elements of the building
  • A green roof does not require sustained maintenance efforts, and the vegetation needs no special care, especially if you choose resistant species, with a slow growth rate.

For all these components, the latest materials and technologies are used to ensure a sustainable development of the vegetation layer, regardless of the chosen plants. From a financial point of view, such an investment may require a considerable sum of money paid up front, but it will be amortized over time.


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