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How Impact Resistant Shingles Help With Storm Damage

Stone Coated Metal Shingles

When you have to build a roof for your home, or replace the existing one, the options you have are quite numerous and the challenge is to choose the best one.

Not all roofing solutions are suitable for any type of building. Factors that influence your choice include the area where you live, the temperatures and rainfall during the year, the insulation you wish to add and more.

The roof must be 100% functional; after all, it’s most important role is to protect the house from weather, during many years and even decades.

In the US, there are different types of climate and areas where storms with severe rainfall and hail are not a rarity. Not to mention that the effects of global warming bring these problems even to areas where they have not been a common occurrence until recently.  In this context, buildings should be prepared for such situations. Whether we talk about construction techniques, reinforcements, or the way people react to natural disasters, it is clear that measures are in order, if you want to ensure safety.

Having a solid roof above your head is one of the most important things. Today, there are impact-resistant shingles that definitely help with storm damage. It is true that this solution represents a more expensive investment than regular roofing, but it is a very long term investment in the safety of your home, which also reflects in the increased value of your property.


Stone coated metal shingles

Looking for a roof that is wind and storm resistant, lightweight but, at the same time, strong, durable and aesthetically appealing?

Stone coated metal shingles represent one of the best options when it comes to impact resistance and protection against storm damage, and come recommended by a Dallas general contractor experienced with roofing. If you choose this roofing solution, snow, wind and hail will be no longer a problem, and the 50-year warranty turns this material into the ideal solution for any roof. Its particular resistance is provided by the durability of the metal combined with stone, as well as by the efficient fastening system.

Stone coated metal shingles are designed to provide maximum safety and a great aspect of the roof.

Other advantages include:

  • Light weight and earthquake resistance – such a roof is up to 7 times lighter than a traditional roof. A lower weight means a lower loading of the structure and low costs related to roof installation, considering that no structural improvements are required.
  • Fire resistance – materials used in the fabrication of stone coated metal shingles are non-flammable (steel, aluminum, zinc and natural stone).
  • Sound insulation – thanks to the stone coat, these roofing materials provide good sound insulation.

Disadvantages of stone coated metal shingles:

  • This roofing system has a higher purchase price, compared to other roofing systems, although the price-quality ratio is quite fair
  • The installation of stone coated metal shingles is more difficult than regular shingles and should only be performed by a team of specialists, to avoid installation errors that will affect the functionality and warranties.






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