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Is Slate Roofing a Good Choice for my Florida Building?

Choosing the right material for Florida buildings is an important decision that must be taken responsibly. A roof that is not chosen based on details that really matter and properly installed will cause damage to the building, leading to its premature degradation. On the other hand, a well-made roof can add beauty and personality to any building.

Slate is an attractive and natural material, and a slate roof will provide effective protection of any construction in Florida, for decades. Slate is often used to protect the roofs of luxury Sarasota homes. Although it is an expensive choice, the natural appearance, durability and variety of make this natural stone an unmatched option for any roof, regardless the local climate.

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What is natural slate?

Slate is a metamorphic rock, composed by sand and clay, hard (level 6-7 out of 10, on the Mohs scale), dense, with low porosity, resistant to acids, wear and freeze-thaw cycle, as well as versatile. It splits naturally in foils that are very popular in interior and exterior design. It requires treatment, which can be easily and quickly applied – manually or mechanically.

 The advantages of using slate as a roofing material:

  • unique physical and chemical properties
  • resistance to acid rain, UV radiation and wind
  • very good insulation capacity
  • resistance to frost
  • very long lifespan (even hundreds of years)
  • fireproof
  • added value (a slate roof increase the resale value of the building)

Aesthetic characteristics

Slate is a premium material that provides a luxurious aesthetic appearance to any building. The final roof aspect is very special, that is why slate roofs are often seen on buildings with sumptuous design.

Thermal insulation

A slate roof has a complex physical and chemical composition, which allows efficient insulation, reducing heat loss as well as overheating. For slate roofed homes, 30% less resources are used for heating, compared to those covered by metal tile roofs. Lower bills for heating/ cooling will bring significant financial savings in the long run.

Installing the slate roof

Despite the fact that it lasts a very long time, the slate roof can easily break under the weight of a person, therefore it is not suitable for traffic and you will need professional services for installation and other future operations (repairs, maintenance…).

Slate is also a heavy material, therefore such a roof can only be installed on a structure of adequate strength, to ensure the stability of the construction.

Roofing Sarasota contractors recommend a roof with an inclination of at least 45 degrees, to quickly drain rain water and avoid moisture buildup that would cause degradation over time. Good quality slate has the ability to withstand any type of weather, while maintaining its properties and original color. Considering that it is naturally layered, slate can be split easily into thinner layers that make great roof cover materials. This type of roof is fixed in nails, an efficient but very demanding technique, that must be performed only by specialized workers, to avoid breaking the materials.

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