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The Longevity of Different Types of Roofing Materials

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You’ve probably heard residential and commercial roofing contractors in Greenville talk about how EPDM roofs can last for up to 50 years or how stylish clay roofs can even stand after about 70-80 years. Aside from these facts, you’ll find there are certain details that are very important to know before you decide on a certain material. Durability can differ depending on certain environmental and design factors, and it is essential to talk to your roofer about these as soon as possible.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes will typically last somewhere between 20 and 35 years, depending on the type of wood used in the construction and the design of the roof. Some materials are significantly more robust than others, while some will be less resilient in the face of conditions such as heightened humidity and the presence of certain insects and pests.

As a noteworthy point, wood is also one of the most resilient types of roofing materials you will ever find. While most roofs begin to crumble in conditions that feature wind speeds of about 150 mph, cedar shakes for instance, can withstand a whopping 245 mph, which makes it one of the best roofing materials for areas frequently hit by powerful storms.

Metal Roofing

Ribbed metal panels are some of the cheapest types of metal roofing used in the industry. Despite this fact, it still rivals other designs when it comes to its longevity, as some of these roofs can reach 50 years, although their average lifespan is somewhere around 35.

The most durable metal roofing systems are stand seam metal and stone-coated steel tiles. These roofing designs can withstand winds of more than 100 mph without a problem, and their lifespan is generally around 50 years or more.

Because of its practical advantages and impressive durability, metal roofing is commonly used as a flat roof solution recommended by commercial roofing contractors Greenville residents trust. In fact, metal panel roofing has one of the best track records, rivaling the price and practical benefits offered by cheap and durable flat roofing systems such as EPDM.

Slate Roofs

There is no roof that is more stylish and durable than natural slate. Although in recent years, synthetic slate was also developed to be a robust, less expensive alternative to natural slate, the latter is still a lot more popular because of its unique appearance and 100+ year lifespan.

Many slate roofs have a lifetime guarantee and are designed to withstand harsh storms and most types of climates pretty easily. Also, even though the general consensus is that a slate roof will last about 100-150 years, there are actually some slate roofing systems that have far outlasted that period, being said to have first been constructed more than 400 years ago.

When deciding on the type of roof you need, it is essential to take all these facts into account. The shorter or longer lifespan of a roof can, of course, differ greatly depending on how that roof fares in specific climates, such as the humid subtropical climate of Greenville. Both residential and commercial roofing contractors Greenville residents recommend will agree that, in order to get the best results with your new roof, you’ll have to talk to a professional and experienced roofing specialist who has good knowledge of each roofing design and how long it can last.

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