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Things to Consider as You Plan A Commercial Roof Replacement Project

The replacement of the roof on your commercial facility is a complex project and like it is the case with any complex project, careful planning is a key ingredient of success. The efficient management of your commercial roof replacement project will require you to find answers to lots of questions, from the ones related to building code compliance, roof design and material selection to the ones about budgeting, the selection of the right contractor, warranties and many other issues. To make the planning phase more efficient for you, here are a few simple tips.

Considerations Related to the Participants

Depending on the size and the complexity of the project, your roof replacement will require various contractors, such as an architect, a roofer and probably an electrician, too or you have the option to choose a general contractor to manage the work of all the contractors needed for the project. Working with a general contractor is more comfortable, while working with multiple contractors is usually a bit cheaper.

If you decide to go for the more money-saving option, you must be aware that selecting all these professionals can be a difficult task and finding the time when they are all available simultaneously is not easy either. One of the secrets of successful planning is to start in time, so the best way to solve the issue is to allow yourself sufficient time to find suitable contractors, to interview them, to hire them and to schedule the work processes. After you identify the contractors in your area, evaluate them in terms of relevant experience, licenses and reputation and contact at least four suitable candidates in each trade category to provide you cost estimates. You will also need to evaluate the cost estimates – compare your estimates based on the final price, the deadlines proposed, the quality of the materials used and the warranties offered by the contractors on the materials used and on their labor.

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Weighing Your Material Options

Whatever design you choose for your commercial roof, you will have lots of material choices. To be able to make the best selection of materials, you will need to consider the pros and cons of each material. You will have to evaluate your options in terms of the materials’ suitability for your specific climate area, durability, maintenance needs, pricing and aesthetics as well. Recommended commercial roofing Aurora CO contractors can best help you understand the options, and select the roof that makes the most sense for your business and budget.


The funds that you will need to allocate to your roofing project will need to cover for the materials, the labor as well as for the removal and the handling of the waste materials generated during the process. When you calculate the overall price of your roof, however, you will have to factor in other aspects as well, such as maintenance and repair costs for the entire life of your roof.

When calculating how much your roof will cost you, also include the price of the accessories and building components adjacent to the roof, such as the gutters, the downspouts, the vents, any guardrails or other extras – they all need to be bought, installed and maintained, just like the rest of the roof.

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